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Friday, February 5, 2010

Sunday Jan 30, Food Blog

Here is my weekly update of the recipes we are trying and expiermenting with, Between my family, the neighbors and some friends we are comming up with new and creative recipes. Come back and see what we cooked up next weekend enjoy!!!

Pretty much every Sunday or Saturday we do an all day cookout ( or we graze like a cow eating all day.)
so here is the menu we had with some pictures.
for the appetizers

Bacon wrapped Jalepeno's, Raw Oyters, Mussels,

For the vegatable, now this is very weird but good, Sweet potatoe and Corn, the thing that is weird about is that we put it directly on top of the charcoal, see before and after pics.

Here is the corn.

To finish it off we had steak and chicken wings (yumm yumm)

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