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Saturday, September 18, 2010

How to get the free parties

Well you may ask about the last 2 posts, The one from Bzz agent and the other from Gerneral Mills, I will also be posting my house party Durex that I have been selcted for to.

How to get this free stuff, you may ask? For starters I am a member of,, and second,

1. Bzzzagent- this site is about recieving products and bzzzing about them. In order to start recieving Campaignes like the elmers and Xacto, you have to do some legg work. It is not hard but can be alot at times. Each month they give you a list of what you are required to do to move up the honeycomb. Once you get the hang of it and you write good reviews, and complete good surveys you get to join more campaigns.

2. Houseparty. com, this is real easy to join become a member fill out a 5-10 minute survey on the parties you are intersted in hosting, wait and hope you get an email stating you are a host in the running and hury up and click yes, I wasnt to host the party. Once confirmed you will invite 10-15 people depending on the party, and plan your party. The legg work you have to do is post a couple comments and party picks. Sometimes you will get one party after trhe other, I went through a dry spell for about 2-3 months and did  not recieve a party but keep applying because you could be the next host.

3., gives you and your followers free products, this takes a long time to get considered for posting about a product, they will send surveys every once in a while to your email, I have not recieved anything yet, but my neighbor has and she has gotten some pretty neat products.

4., This is a part of the general mills blog, I became a member and started getting their parties, my first one is the chex mix party, this is pretty easy blog about the party and post some comments and you are good to go.

All you have to do is basically keep blogging and keep active on the sites listed above and you will get some pretty cool stuff for you and your friends.

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